Fork U Academy® Launches on the QVC+ and HSN+ Streaming Experience

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fork U Academy® announced today that it has launched its new program series on QVC+ ( QVC+ is part of the QVC+ and HSN+ combined streaming experience, QVC and HSN’s most robust, comprehensive video commerce offering, with live, on-demand and streaming-only content together in one, easy-to-use, fully shoppable experience. The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming service is available free in more than 100 million internet-connected homes across the U.S. and on major streaming platforms.

Fork U Academy® is hosted by the latest “rising star” and self-proclaimed foodie, Marc Gill, who has been working with a host of kitchen products on television commercials and online for years. Gill has been seen domestically for the last decade on HSN and has now moved to showcase products on QVC+. He has also been seen by millions internationally presenting numerous consumer products.

Fork U Academy® is a registered trademark and wholly owned subsidiary of Famous Discoveries LLC. “We are very excited to have been selected by QVC+ to showcase our cutting-edge entertainment program,” said Bill Barlow, President of Famous Discoveries. “We appreciate the confidence that QVC+ has bestowed in us as well as allowing us to produce this show for their streaming platform. We are confident that the viewers will enjoy and appreciate our take on making recipes.”

“The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience offers our viewers a unique blend of entertaining content and products people love,” said Beverly Brettmann, Director, Streaming Content for QVC+ and HSN+. “Fork U exemplifies this wonderfully and we’re excited to add them to our programming lineup.”

Viewers can watch Fork U Academy® on QVC+ at on any internet-connected device or through the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming app on major streaming services. Just open the experience and search for Fork U Academy. Or click this link.

About Fork U Academy 

Fork U Academy® ( is a new marketing vehicle designed to highlight consumer products in an entertaining way. Fork U Academy makes cooking fun, taking you on a deeper dive into the foods you love. Viewers can then go to our website and download recipes that they see on the program.

We also hear from experts around the globe who show us their secrets and then we try those secrets at home. Fork U is fun, informative, interactive and NOT your ordinary cooking show.

Dana Swinney

SOURCE Fork U Academy