FlyGuys Announces a Brand Refresh with MESH After Securing $10M Series A Investment

LAFAYETTE, La., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FlyGuys, a reality data-capturing technology company based in Louisiana, is excited to announce a comprehensive brand refresh in collaboration with MESH, a leading marketing agency based in Baton Rouge. This strategic makeover comes on the heels of FlyGuys securing a $10 million Series A investment, fueling their vision for the future.

FlyGuys has been at the forefront of revolutionizing reality data capture, providing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries. As a result of its recent Series A round of funding, FlyGuys is set to amplify its impact and cement its position as the marketplace for connecting data-seekers with data providers.

The collaboration with MESH is a key component of FlyGuys’ growth strategy. MESH, renowned for its innovative and dynamic approach to branding, will bring a new visual identity to FlyGuys that reflects the company’s purposefully edgy, service-minded, and quality-driven approach.

“Our brand refresh is more than a visual upgrade; it’s a strategic evolution aligning with FlyGuys’ vision,” said Whitney Savoie, VP of Marketing for FlyGuys. “We’re excited to unveil a brand representing our forward-thinking spirit and the endless possibilities ahead for the FlyGuys’ community.”

“MESH is delighted to collaborate with FlyGuys on creating their new brand. This signifies FlyGuys’ groundbreaking transformation, underscoring its commitment to industry innovation and growth. The cutting-edge software and services they are introducing to the market will significantly enhance efficiency and enable the capture of vital data across multiple industries,” said Daniel Kedinger, Creative Strategist for MESH.

Key Highlights of the Brand Refresh:

  • Timeless Visual Identity: The redesigned look represents FlyGuys’ commitment to pioneering the future of reality data capture and software with a new color pallet that reflects the company’s timeless assurance of reliability and dependability.
  • Organic, Relatable Design: The brand refresh will align with the company’s values and resonate with its diverse user base, focusing on enhancing pilot and partner experience across all touchpoints.
  • Deployment-Ready Messaging: As FlyGuys continues to develop groundbreaking software facilitating a marketplace between data-seekers and data providers, the brand messaging will reflect the vision of shaping the future of data capture, analysis, and unbound progress.
  • Community Engagement: The brand refresh aims to increase engagement through interactive campaigns and initiatives involving pilots and partners in the evolution of the brand.

The brand refresh marks a significant milestone for FlyGuys, signaling not only a new visual identity but a testament to delivering the highest caliber of information for decision-making in industries nationwide. Stay tuned for exciting updates as FlyGuys unveils the next chapter in its journey.

About FlyGuys: FlyGuys is a leader in the reality data capture online marketplace for businesses across various industries. FlyGuys connects data-seekers with data providers, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve their goals. The company’s mission is to transform industries through the power of high-quality, data-collecting technology that results in the highest caliber of information for decision-making and optimizing processes.

About MESH: MESH provides integrated marketing services to grow brands in unique and unexpected ways. With over twenty years in the marketing and advertising business, our services lend themselves to verticals in home and garden/building materials, hospitality, healthcare, and financial services. We incite growth throughout the southeast – for our clients, our people, and the communities we serve. We guarantee an obsessive focus on our clients’ success. For more information, visit

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