Familia Kitchen and HealthCentral Announce Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

CHICAGO, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This Friday, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, authentic Latinx recipes website Familia Kitchen is partnering with a leading consumer health website HealthCentral to unveil a special Healthy & Delicioso Cinco de Mayo menu makeover starring 6 traditional Mexican dishes. These good-for-you food updates—including healthy enchiladas, chocolate churros and even a cocktail—are authentic, delicious and nutritious, especially for Latinos seeking diabetes-friendly options for Cinco De Mayo fiestas.

Yes, the day is a celebration of when the state of Puebla in Mexico claimed victory over the French in 1862, however, today the best part of the holiday for most Latinos and non-Latinos in the United States is gathering with friends and family over delicious Mexican food and drinks. With Latinos over-indexing on the nearly 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes every year, these two trusted experts—Familia Kitchen for real-deal Latinx dishes  and HealthCentral for information on living your healthiest life—knew they had to join forces to offer Latinx recipe makeovers once again.

To create the 6 Health & Delicioso dishes, Familia Kitchen turned to its Healthy & Delicioso editor and one of the website’s favorite contributing cocineras, Naihomy Jerez.  Naihomy is a Dominican-born health expert who owns a food and wellness consultancy, Bagels & Brussels.  These traditional Mexican dishes were given Naihomy’s famous “food flip” makeovers to create healthier versions. The result: All the amazing flavor, minus the sugar and fat on such Cinco de  Mayo staples as guacamole, esquites, enchiladas, quesadillas, and let’s not forget the palomas and chocolate churro waffles!

Latinos are at higher risk (17%) of having diabetes and diabetes complications than non-Hispanic whites (8%), according to the CDC. And, “Latinos also are more likely to be overweight, which is linked to higher rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes. We wanted to offer Healthy & Delicioso special dishes, so everyone could join the fiesta and enjoy the truly authentic flavor of great Mexican food,” adds Kim Caviness Familia Kitchen founder, CEO and editor-in-chief.

Health disparities in the Latinx community, including a higher risk of diabetes, are substantial—the impetus behind this special editorial partnership. “Familia Kitchen has developed low-fat, low-sugar, nutrient-dense food ‘flips’ that can benefit everyone who loves Latinx fare, including those with diabetes, and just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,” says HealthCentral’s Senior Editor Lauren Paige Kennedy.

Everyone is invited to enjoy this healthy menu, especially in light of a recent JAMA Network Open study noting that Americans have gained an average of two pounds a month this last year of the pandemic. The recipes from Familia Kitchen and HealthCentral are a great way to celebrate and feel good about the healthy, festive fare you’re preparing this Cinco de Mayo!


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