Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Announces Deal with Grupo Fetz, a Brazilian Civil Construction Company with Almost 40 Years’ Experience in the Commercial and Residential Sectors

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to Grupo Fetz to support their expansion and Agribusiness development plan and delivery.

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Grupo Fetz, a major player in the construction industry contributing to the development of Brazil. Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management Inc, stated, 

“This is another wonderful moment for Ethos to be investing in a great and established successful company with a strong track record over 30 years in Brazil. We were immediately impressed with the team from Grupo Fetz, led by Founder and President Carlos Fetz and his immediate family, their passion, commitment and vision to improve the quality of the built environment in Brazil.

Grupo Fetz are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, constantly updated so that the most efficient techniques are available to the customer. Grupo Fetz believes strongly in investing in their human capital. Fetz’s strength is due to the work of their managerial and professional structure, developing their staff and people to meet the company’s objectives. This was a key factor that enabled Ethos to invest in Grupo Fetz.”

Carlos Fetz, Founder and President, Grupo Fetz, stated,

“It was through networking with Renato Grander, that introduced us to this opportunity. Our company was very conservative, and going into international business wasn’t our focus, until we met my namesake, Carlos Santos. It took many months to be aware of the entire procedure finalizing the negotiation, and today we’re very grateful for having met Carlos Santos in person and having agreed to the negotiation. Here we are, to many more projects!”.

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Ethos Chief Operating Officer – South America, stated, 

“Investing in the Grupo Fetz project is a great honor for Ethos and emblematic because we will start this long-term partnership in the year they complete 40 years of solid and successful operation in the Brazilian market. A family group, with an extremely professional management and an example to be followed. It is a project that will contribute a lot to the agribusiness sector, especially to meet the growing demand in the pork and beef market, in a sustainable way and with great concern for the preservation of the environment. We are proud to be part of this history.”

Cláudia E. Schwerz, Ethos Associate, South America, stated,

“The demand and needs for food has grown tremendously all over the world, and with experience and expertise the FETZ GROUP has played and will continue to play an important role in this food chain by investing in expanding its operation in agribusiness by creating competitive advantage. It has been our pleasure and honor from Bridge Capital Partners to work with Ethos and FETZ Group to bring this unique disruptive financial model to Brazil“.

About Ethos Asset Management Inc:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. 

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About Grupo Fetz:

“The Fetz Group emerged almost four decades ago, initially operating in the field of civil construction, a sector where it gained credibility and success in the market, mainly in the agribusiness and sugar-energy sectors, striving for the quality of meeting deadlines.
Today the group operates in civil construction, agribusiness (pork and beef market), Mining and Mineral Water extraction. Efficiency and integrity are our main values.”

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