ESS Introduces Groundbreaking Online and Virtual Solutions for Business and Consumer Needs

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When COVID-19 forced the live event industry to completely shut down back in 2020, a group of expert live concert and performance technicians saw the ubiquitous need that emerged for a world going completely online. In August 2020, these skilled and experienced technicians pivoted to form ESS (, providing high-quality, turnkey solutions for anybody using virtual or online platforms for business and personal use.

"There’s a symbiotic relationship between the live and virtual realms," says ESS founder Robert Flood. "Our live concert and performance technicians with audio, lighting and video expertise stepped up quickly last year with turn-key solutions so that anyone using virtual meeting solutions could look, sound and feel amazing."

Less than a year later, ESS is leading the way with innovative solutions which provide high quality, easy-to-use, all-in-one digital and online options. Increasingly, ESS is being asked to advise businesses of all sizes and industries who need creative and turnkey solutions to best tell their story and conduct business online and in virtual environments.

According to ESS Partner and Managing Director John Flood, "The need to do more remotely and digitally has also provided the opportunity to streamline and be more efficient. ESS introduced the MyVideo ROAD Case and MyVideo GO Case all-in-one solutions in February 2021. These MyVideo Cases enable anyone to capture high quality video and photos simply and quickly in almost any location, without requiring technical expertise or a costly production crew. For example, the MyVideo ROAD Case delivers quality photography and video to and from remote locations for training, corporate communications, product demos and much more".

Arthur King, VP Business Development with Ultimate Sales, a leading foodservice broker in the convenience industry, describes the first time he saw the ROAD Case in action. "First, I didn’t believe that it had a monitor inside until we opened the case. Everything we need is in the case and it just pops out. It’s amazing because you don’t have to worry about losing anything or any equipment getting damaged because everything we need is locked in there. It’s clearly made to be a mobile AV studio. Frankly, this turnkey video case gives us an opportunity to make a film every week if we want, for very, very low cost."

Watch Arthur’s short testimonial!

"The thought and engineering behind the MyVideo ROAD Case pays off handsomely with ease of use and high quality video. This is a huge boost for the training industry, " says 2Plus Communications Executive Producer Glenn Gautier.

The MyVideo GO Case was designed for ultimate mobility. For example, HR, Legal, as well as bloggers, can record professional quality interviews in person, broadcast live and also edit and playback later. The GO Case, similar in size to a rolling carry-on suitcase, is the perfect solution for any media capture opportunity including, but not limited, to corporate messaging, interviews, depositions, live streaming, job fairs, etc. According to B2B marketing expert Myra Kressner, "I also see this being deployed at conferences and trade shows for any industry (coming back Q3 2021) in many ways. It can record memorable, spontaneous live moments that otherwise would take many hours and dollars of pre-planning. The uses are almost limitless!"

ESS is the consummate re-invention story with solutions to meet evolving needs. Just as we did for world-class performers, ESS can make your virtual or online image Look, Sound and Feel Amazing.

About ESS
ESS was formed by live concert and performance technicians who make live event performers Look, Sound and Feel Amazing all over the world. In August 2020, our team of experts reinvented themselves, and are now using our technical expertise to solve common issues that people experience in the virtual world, while working to enhance business and personal imaging and branding.

ESS makes it easy by offering complete, professional bundled packages, individual items and customized solutions to perfect your online and digital image.

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