Errol Schweizer Launches The Checkout Podcast Today With an Eye-Opening Look at What Labor Day Means for Many

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Checkout podcast launches today across a variety of streaming services, highlighting issues of food justice, sustainability, and food labor. Bringing food system consciousness and ethics to the forefront over 20 years, host Errol Schweizer interviews guests across the food supply chain – from grassroots food labor organizers and industry executives to farmers and ranchers – on how their experiences contribute towards a food system that is more equitable, just, and resilient.

Evan Driscoll serves as The Checkout’s producer, and both Errol and Evan bring a long track record of first-hand food industry experience. “Both Evan and I see the food system from the inside out. We have collectively worked dozens of food sector jobs, from farmers markets, farm manager, and grill cook to national executive, local buyers, and entry level to board members,” says Errol Schweizer. “As a former Whole Foods VP, I’ve also had the privilege of working with diverse groups of employees and entrepreneurs across the country, helping seed and steward many present-day food trends.”

Errol has pioneered food cooperatives, CSA programs, and farmers markets, also leading the national grocery program at Whole Foods Market for over seven years. He has worked with dozens of innovative companies that are now household names because they led the way with grass fed and fair-trade products. He has also helped thousands of brands move through Non-GMO Project verification.

Ushering in Labor Day with purpose, The Checkout will launch this important Monday, revealing how the issue of food labor has been overlooked by the food industry and food system. The Checkout will highlight these important voices and the need for radical systemic change to rectify a tenuous and unjust labor situation.

The inaugural episode features renowned food systems and food sovereignty researcher, professor, and author, Raj Patel. Future episodes will feature Jose Oliva, food labor organizer and justice advocate at HEAL Food Alliance; Carla Vernón, former President and Corporate Officer at General Mills; and Jon Allen Foster, a Michigan based fast food labor organizer.

The Checkout podcast launches on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Learn more at

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Hosted and produced by two organic food and farming lifers, The Checkout brings forward diverse voices and stories from the frontlines of our food system. Now more than ever, our food system is in a constant state of flux, radical change, and crisis. From farm, retail, and wholesale sector analyses to public policy, labor organizing, and community struggles, The Checkout will expand the horizon for consumers and food industry professionals of what is possible and what is necessary to create a just, equitable, and resilient food system. Contact us at

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