Entrinsic Bioscience® Expands enterade® Brand with Innovative Approach to the Dietary Support of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D)

-enterade® IBS-D is the first medical food formulated with plant-based amino acids and electrolytes for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D)-

NORWOOD, Mass., Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entrinsic Bioscience, LLC (EBS) announces the launch of enterade® IBS-D, an expansion to its successful enterade line.

enterade IBS-D is a first-of-its-kind medical food formulated for dietary management of GI symptoms associated with IBS-D, including diarrhea, dehydration, bowel urgency and abdominal discomfort. The unique formula of amino acids and electrolytes was chosen based on their ability to naturally support and maintain digestive function while replenishing fluid loss, electrolytes and minerals caused by frequent diarrhea. enterade IBS-D also contains chamomile and ginger, which are known for their soothing properties.

Stephen J. Gatto, CEO of Entrinsic Bioscience, stated, “IBS-D affects over 16 million people in the United States alone. It is among the most burdensome chronic conditions reported by patients and we’re proud to be able to provide support to those living with the diarrhea, dehydration and other symptoms associated with IBS-D.” Charles Mohs, president, added, “We are excited to provide a truly unique product that helps provide IBS-D sufferers with more confidence to enjoy everyday life.”

“The science of enterade originated from a NASA grant to develop solutions for severe GI distress caused by deep space travel,” noted Dr. Robert Kenefick, senior vice president of research and development. “Using that same technology, we’ve been able to address GI symptoms in patients with IBS-D.”

enterade IBS-D joins the flagship product, enterade® Advanced Oncology Formula, a plant-based medical food that is clinically proven to reduce the GI side effects of cancer treatments. enterade Advanced Oncology Formula is a breakthrough product in supportive care for GI side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss and fatigue. It has been used by patients at over 500 cancer treatment centers nationwide.

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