Energis Launches Revolutionary Solution to Eliminate Food-Borne Pathogens in Meat

Patented Cl02 technology brings higher efficacy of pathogen reduction and leaves no harmful residuals

DENVER, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Energis Solutions™ announces the third-party validation and submittal to the FDA for approval of the Voltai™ technology for the meat protein industry. The solution is produced via an on-demand, onsite machine that can easily be adapted into most any existing manufacturing process. Voltai™ significantly reduces eminent food-borne pathogens that continue to challenge the meat industry. Darin Jensen, Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory with Energis was excited about bringing the Voltai technology solution to the beef and poultry industry.

“The Voltai machine produces a patented unique, highly energized fluid that carriers the same EPA toxicity rating as tap water, Category IV. The technology can be used as a carcass spray or poultry dip, that is far safer than acid-based alternatives that are often used in the industry today.” Jensen explains.

The Voltai solution targets STEC, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria amongst other pesty pathogens.

President, Kevin Lamar shared Darin’s’ enthusiasm regarding the new product. “Voltai offers many competitive advantages, the on-demand machine eliminates freight and warehousing costs for the customer while achieving better results making safer products for the company and consumer”. We are working with the industry to understand the substantial reduction of needing to use hot water creating a more sustainable environment.” 

Voltai™ is Kosher and Organic compliant and is in current trials validating shelf-life extension characteristics for protein products.

Voltai has conducted multiple 3rd party side-by-side studies that prove double the reduction of STEC and Salmonella when compared to legacy Peracetic and Lactic acid treatments.

About Energis Solutions

Energis Solutions™ is a biotechnology company originating from revolutionary developments around the safe and effective decontamination of United States defense industry equipment. Energis Solutions™ patented technology is the result of further developments which have achieved environmentally safe pathogen reduction in food and non-food applications, supporting food safety for the agricultural industry and beyond. To learn more about Energis Solutions™, visit www.energissolutions.com.

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