DuBlasé Whiskey Expands into National Retailer, Total Wine, Providing Award-Winning Whiskey to North and Central Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DuBlasé Whiskey is pleased to announce it is expanding into one of the nation’s leading spirits and wine retail stores, Total Wine & More, across numerous locations in Florida including Orlando, Jacksonville, Altamonte Springs, Gainesville and Daytona Beach.

"We are excited to expand into another major retailer in just our first year of operation. Total Wine & More has one of the most diverse selection of spirits, and we are proud to have DuBlasé available to their customers," said Darrin Eakins, Founder and CEO of DuBlasé Whiskey. "The environment at Total Wine & More is awesome, the staff are welcoming and helpful. They provide an exceptional shopping experience," Eakins explained

DuBlasé is a rising whiskey brand in the market to keep an eye on. The brand has found early success with distribution in Florida & California, and is continually growing into new markets. The award-winning whiskey is earning its dues in the industry, with a taste profile unlike anything else on the market. Total Wine & More is considered to be a preeminent U.S. retailer in the industry and their footprint complements that of other top retailers currently providing DuBlasé to its customers.

Offering a 70-proof (35% ABV) whiskey, consumers can truly enjoy DuBlasé neat, as a cocktail, or on the rocks, due to its subtle vanilla profile, complemented with all natural spices, then refined for a smooth and robust finish. Whether you are celebrating with colleagues or joining an elegant dinner with friends, DuBlasé is a perfect choice at any occasion.

ABOUT DuBlasé Whiskey
DuBlasé is an award-winning, premium whiskey brand headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. DuBlasé offers hints of vanilla and natural spices and features the best ingredients sourced and distilled in Florida. DuBlasé is available for purchase online to adults of the legal drinking age in 32 states – please visit www.DuBlase.com to learn more and to place an order. Be sure to follow DuBlasé on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest news.

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