Decarbon8 Investment Opportunity Open for AgTech Innovation and Decarbonization Startups

Entrepreneurs encouraged to apply by June 27, 2022

SEATTLE, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Decarbon8 Fund, an impact investment vehicle established by the E8 climatetech investing community and platform, announced a new Request for Proposal (RFP) for companies advancing regenerative agriculture solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with a June 27, 2022 deadline.  The RFP and application can be found online (

Decarbon8 leverages both personal and philanthropic capital to support early-stage companies whose technologies and business models can dramatically accelerate the transition to environmentally sustainable solutions.  Winners of this competition will receive investment from the Decarbon8 Fund and will have the chance to attract personal co-investment from the E8 community of more than 135 families and funds in North America and beyond.

Agriculture accounts for about 20% of worldwide GHG emissions, including a large share of methane and nitrous oxide, which have a particularly potent effect on climate (McKinsey & Co.).  According to CropLife’s analysis, early stage AgTech investments, and exits, have grown in recent years to meet the severe need and economic potential.

"Our focus on regenerative and decarbonizing agriculture comes at an especially important moment," said Richard Hartung, E8 judge, agtech investor and farm owner. "Longstanding needs to revolutionize agriculture have only become more pressing given current stresses to global food security. Now is the time to drive for both faster impact and potential returns."

Successful applicants to Decarbon8 will receive:

–  Investment capital.  Investees from the 2021 transportation-themed Decarbon8 round received an average of $175,000 in personal and philanthropic investment, including investment of as much as $450,000.  The D8 portfolio includes innovators such as Xeal and C-Motive, and recently-acquired Earthly Labs.
–  A base of investors for future rounds.
–  Support from cleantech investment specialists – and farm owners and ag champions.  E8’s subject-matter expertise and longstanding networks offer constructive engagement throughout the process and post-investment, especially from the many investors with agriculture expertise and farms.
–  Visibility and advocacy for your enterprise.

Eligible enterprises should:

  1. Be a part of the AgTech sector and support the production of food or decarbonization through agriculture.  These areas include but are not limited to farm inputs and biotechnology, data management tools, water management, farm equipment, midstream and supply chain solutions, and novel solutions and systems. 
  2. Have generated some revenue or have field trials and pilots underway.
  3. Be raising capital, or in a position to accept it, from July to November 2022, given the decision timeline.
  4. Be incorporated as a for-profit entity in the United States or Canada, or have a US vehicle ready for investment.

Please consult the Request for Proposal for more information on Decarbon8’s evaluation criteria and our timeline.

In addition to E8, Decarbon8-US is supported by a diverse coalition of climate leaders, including University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute, Washington State University, K&L Gates, CleanTech Alliance, Climate Solutions, Action Digital, Canada’s economic development office, JP Morgan Chase, VertueLab, Baker Hostetler, Dharma 350 Fund and the Stolte Family Foundation.  Decarbon8-US is a philanthropic investment fund housed at Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) impact investing specialist.

"Every year, Decarbon8 is a special and welcoming chance to learn and invest in climate solutions," notes Mike Rea, E8 Executive Director. "We’re grateful to the innovative entrepreneurs who give us a chance to share in their success, and it’s easy for investors to get involved. We have learning opportunities through the fall, and anyone can invest in these inspiring enterprises whether they are an accredited investor or not, using personal or philanthropic capital."

Entrepreneurs should apply to Decarbon8 by June 27, 2022. Private and philanthropic investors can learn more by contacting E8 (;
; (m) 425.409.9531)