Daily Media Studio Announces Favorite Asian Restaurants in NYC for 2024

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of growth, prosperity and courage. Daily Media Studio invites diners to celebrate the spirit of the Dragon at its favorite Asian restaurants in NYC, featuring a journey of tastes, textures, and flavors, from traditional to modern.

Loved by locals for 24 years, Ping’s serves some of the best Hong Kong Cantonese style dishes in NYC. Chef and owner Mr. Ping’s menu features elegant and comforting meat, seafood and vegetable, uniquely crafted recipes created specially by Mr. Ping. Must try: Ping’s Crispy Fried Rice, Braised Short Rib served sizzling in a stone.

698 Café
698 Café serves unique Cantonese and Sichuan flavors emphasizing both the spiciness, tenderness, smoothness and fragrance. The head chef at 698 Café brings over 30 years of experience to create dishes with a unique combination of ingredients and spices. Must try: Eight Treasure Duck, Stir Fried Abalone with Mushrooms.

Xiang Hot Pot
Being the Largest and authentic hotpot and BBQ restaurant, Xiang has been serving since 2003 and have hosted former British Prime Minister David Cameron. The decor showcases traditional Chinese elements with some furniture dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Must try: One Meter Beef and House made black Tofu.

Dim Sum Palace
One of the largest authentic Cantonese dim sum restaurants in NYC, Featuring a variety of mouthwatering dim sum dishes, Dim Sum Palace locations are ideal for parties. For Dim Sum menu, we recommend Shrimp and Chives Sausage Dumplings, Taro Cilantro and Pork Dumplings and Vegetarian Dim Sum Platter.

Golden Shanghai
For over 20 years, Golden Shanghai has been serving traditional Shanghainese delicacies. Nestled in the heart of NYC’s Chinatown, Golden Shanghai specializes in authentic flavors and textures in a variety of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. Must try: Dongpo Pork, Pan Fried Tiny Buns with Pork. (50 Mott St, New York, NY)

K-City BBQ Hotpot & Sushi
Bringing together the best of Chinese hotpot, Korean BBQ, and Japanese sushi, K-City features an all-you-can-eat menu and a large event space that can host 200 people for birthday parties and celebrations.

The beef and lamb meat are cut tableside. The wide variety of seafood includes oysters, snow crab, crawfish, New Zealand green mussels, white clams and black mussels. All ingredients are top quality with house-made sauces.

Tipsy Shanghai
Famous for their popular Wuxi Ribs, Tipsy Shanghai has been serving New Yorkers with authentic Chinese cuisine tapping into a century-old culinary heritage from Wuxi, China. Wuxi Ribs are made from an ancestral recipe and the rich, fragrant and unique flavor, also try Crab Xiaolong Dumplings, Spring Noodles.

99 Favor Taste
A fun hotpot celebration on your birthday, 99 Favor Taste offers free birthday meal. With unlimited all-you-can-eat hotpot and BBQ specials, 7 choices of hotpot broths with vegetarian options available, and 31 different kinds of fresh vegetables and meat.

Dim Sum Bloom
Dim Sum Bloom’s name exemplifies their mission to carry forward traditional dim sum culture and showcase its brilliance like a blooming flower. The executive chef has over 10 years of experience specializing in dim sum with a seasoned professional team creating dishes that harmonize authentic techniques with the tastes of local customers. Must try: Mini Pork Dumplings served in a crispy edible bowl and Hong Kong Style Shrimp Dumplings.

Vybes 109
Vybes 109 brings a fresh, modern take to Asian cuisine, incorporating the farm to table concept into authentic Cantonese dishes, with a newly opened large first floor, perfect for private parties.Must try Vybes Signature +Orange+ Beef, Lobster with Vybes Fried Rice. https://vybes109.com/

About Daily Media Studio
Daily Media Studio is a New York local news studio who discover and tell the stories of the local Asian minorities in the field of business, art and talents. They’ve recommended guests favorite Asian restaurants every Lunar New Year since 2019. https://www.dailymediastudio.com/

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