“Cook Like a Thai” at Home With Thai Chef School

BANGKOK, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Want to learn Thai cooking but can’t fly to Bangkok?  Fret no more, Thai Chef School now offers online culinary training in both Traditional and Vegan versions.  Join their subscription Thai Cooking Club or take Professional Training Courses and earn a Diploma.  All programs bring authentic Thai cooking to an internet connection near you.

One of the world’s most popular cuisines can now be learned in the convenience of your home.  All that is required is access to an Asian market and an internet connection.  Thai Chef School, in affiliation with Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy, has taught thousands of students in Bangkok.  Recipes and teaching techniques are tried and proven over the past 10 years.  Which program you take depends on how serious you are about learning Thai cooking.

THAI COOKING CLUB offers Full Access to a large selection of full HD videos. Two Thai Cooking Clubs are available to choose from: Traditional or Vegan.  Access to professional dishes, cooking skills training videos, and downloadable recipes is included.  New dishes are added regularly, and teachers are available for Q & A.  Monthly Full Access fee for either club is $6.99 with the first month FREE.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES are for those wishing to "up" their culinary skills.  Both Animal-based and Plant-based courses are available.  For years, these schools have taught novices and chefs Thai cooking.  More than one thousand professional students have been taught over the last 10 years.  Learn professional Thai cooking, desserts, and street foods while earning a Certificate of Achievement or a Diploma.

Online training is performed by culinary trained teachers with many years of experience.  All videos are prepared in full HD, professionally produced, edited and with entertaining teachers speaking clear English.  

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy teaches professional chef training programs for novices and chefs. Thai Chef School, a licensed Ministry of Education school trains students in Pastry/Bakery, Thai, Pan-Asian, and Western cooking. 

Online training has become popular as an alternative to overseas culinary travel.  Learn at your pace online with professionally prepared videos without having to travel afar.  If you want to learn a new cuisine or just improve your skills, give Thai Chef School a try.  What are you waiting for?  https://thaichefschool.com/

Ron Estrada
Director of Admissions
Thai Chef School
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