Cleveland Kitchen Brings Fermentation to the Pickle Category With New Dilly Garlic Pickles

CLEVELAND, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cleveland Kitchen‘s latest gourmet, fermented creation is the brand’s fresh take on America’s favorite sandwich side – pickles! The culinary brand focused on delicious and healthy fermented foods is expanding its product offerings and adding a new line of lightly fermented, unpasteurized pickles. Each bite of these fresh-packed pickles will be bursting with garlic and dill flavors perfect for topping crispy chicken sandwiches or paired with stacked deli sandwiches.   

As a brand whose mission is to make eating fermented foods accessible for all, Cleveland Kitchen is excited to be introducing yet another mouthwatering option that can fit seamlessly into a variety of dishes. Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickled Chips and Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickled Spears go through an unheated fresh-packed process using naturally fermented vinegars, fresh herbs and spices. This method pickles each chip and spear with a light fermentation making for a crisp and flavorful bite that’s soon to be a consumer favorite. These fresh, never heated pickles are Vegan, Gluten-free, Kosher (Orthodox Union certified), and Keto-friendly clocking in at just 5 calories per serving and, like all of Cleveland Kitchen’s creations, the brand’s pickles are addictively delicious and support gut-health.

"Pickles are such a classic American food and especially beloved in the Midwest and we are very excited to be introducing our unique, healthy take on this well-known condiment," said Co-Founder and CEO of Cleveland Kitchen, Drew Anderson. "We are proud to be adding our Dilly Garlic Pickles to our range of products as another delicious, crunchy, fresh offering for fans of Cleveland Kitchen and fans of pickles."

Look out for containers of Cleveland Kitchen‘s Dilly Garlic Pickles in the refrigerated section at Walmart stores nationwide, available in chips for $5.78 and spears for 6.48, or order the 32oz pickle spears and 24oz pickle chips online for pickup or delivery through Walmart. To learn more about the brand, check out Cleveland Kitchen‘s Instagram page at or visit their website at

About Cleveland Kitchen

Cleveland Kitchen was started with three brothers, cabbage and a traditional family recipe. The brothers began their fermenting journey in college as a way to stay in touch with their Cleveland roots and began to create fresh, crunchy, probiotic krauts that used simple ingredients like vegetables, garlic and salt. After serving up their mouthwatering take on sauerkraut at local farmers markets, the founders expanded their availability and now, provide their world-class products across the country. Today, Cleveland Kitchen is an innovative culinary brand focused on creating fermented products that taste amazing and are healthy for all. For more information, please visit and follow their Instagram page.

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