ClearBags Is Focused on Providing Opportunities to Thrive

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ClearBags seeks to provide Opportunities to Thrive for Employees, Customers, Vendors, and Communities around the world.

ClearBags exists to provide opportunities to thrive. They do this by focusing on team members, customer needs, innovation, and synergy. It is important that each person within the company focuses on improving themselves. ClearBags seeks to provide these opportunities to team members through encouragement, training, access to a variety of resources, core action discussions, internal communication, educational opportunities, a focus on dream fulfillment, and a focus on serving others.

Team members are encouraged to take part in community events and serving opportunities. ClearBags has supported local community events like 5K runs, school fundraisers, non-profit events, and entrepreneurial fairs.

ClearBags has also focused on humanitarian work in many developing countries. They have contributed to the development of a place in Uganda through a foundation called Hands for an African Child that serves as a home and community for many orphaned children. Many team members choose to support this project by providing monthly contributions to this organization.

Bright Water Foundation is another non-profit that ClearBags has contributed to. They seek to bring safe and clean water to those who don’t have it readily available.

Through these efforts, ClearBags strives not only to provide opportunities for their team members to thrive but for people around the world to flourish as well. ClearBags understands that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive and loves to be part of making that happen.

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