Celebrate August 22 World Plant Milk Day 2021 with Our 7-Day Better Than Milk® Plant-Based Challenge!

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J., Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Better Than Milk®, the most trusted name in organic plant-based milk alternative beverages, believes that what you put into your body should be good for you and good for the planet, without having to compromise great taste. Join Better Than Milk® from August 16th to August 22nd in celebrating World Plant Milk Day by joining our "7-Day Better Than Milk® Plant-Based Challenge," featuring Instagram Influencer Heather Montane @bend.brothers! All fans who participate in the 7-day challenge will be entered for a chance to win! Learn more at https://www.instagram.com/drinkbetterthanmilk/

Better Than Milk® cares a lot about our planet, which is why the brand is heavily promoting World Plant Milk Day alongside Instagram Influencer Heather Montane (@bend.brothers) in a 7-Day Better Than Milk® Plant-Based Challenge, and they would love for everyone out there who cares as much about our beautiful planet as they do to join in and participate in the 7-Day Challenge! By joining the challenge, fans will help raise national awareness about the benefits of switching from a dairy-based milk to a plant-based milk, both from an environmental and nutrition perspective.

To get you started, here are 2 simple reasons to consider joining 7-Day Better Than Milk® Plant-Based Challenge:

  1. Better For Your Health
    The proof is in the *plant-based, dairy-free* pudding: wholefood, plant-based diets – including plant milk – are good for YOU and your health! Plant-based diets help prevent everything from certain types of cancer, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease — just to name a few. That’s right… dairy-free, plant milk can be the healthier, better, and tastier alternative to cow’s milk!
    A plant-based, dairy-free lifestyle is the sure way to feel your best, both now and in the long run. Side effects may include increased energy, improved digestion, clearer skin, reduced bloating, reduced asthma symptoms, less inflammation, and many other lasting, improved health benefits… just say bye to dairy and join the 7-Day Better Than Milk® Plant-Based Challenge today!
  2. Better for the Planet
    Did you know that animal farming produces more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s transportation combined?! Yup, animal agriculture is a leading driver of climate change, which is becoming increasingly devastating to our beautiful planet, unless we do everything in our power to give back to Planet Earth. Making the move from dairy to plant-based milk is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to significantly reduce your impact on the planet.

About Better Than Milk®
Better Than Milk® is a delicious line of creamy vegan milk drinks that are made from the simplest, best tasting, sustainable & renewable ingredients and consciously packaged in earth-friendly materials. Distributed in specialty and natural retailers across the U.S. including Erewhon Market, Nugget Markets, Earth Fare, Pete’s Fresh Market, Berkeley Bowl Market, Buehler’s Fresh Foods, Vitacost and Amazon, to name a few, Better Than Milk® is on a mission to change the way we think about a healthy sustainable lifestyle for both ourselves and for the Earth. 

Staying true to their clean label promise, every bottle of Better Than Milk® is created with only simple, high-quality organic ingredients, including pure mountain spring water from the Lessini Mountains in Northern Italy, nearly 1,500 feet above sea level. The spring water flows directly from the source, as nature intended, into Better Than Milk‘s production facility at the mountain base helping Better Than Milk® reduce their carbon footprint and create the cleanest drinks possible. The water isn’t the only star of the product line, each carton of Better Than Milk® is also made with mindfully sourced organic, plant-based ingredients that include Rice, Almond, Hazelnuts, & Oats grown on sustainable, organic Farms in Italy, Finland & Denmark by farmers who are completely committed to the highest standards of organic farming!

All Better Than Milk® drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable paper aseptic cartons made from paper that is FSC certified, meaning only the most sustainable materials are used to construct the carton. They also contain bio-caps made from renewable sugarcane, not petroleum! Stored in multi-serving 1-Liter cartons, Better Than Milk® helps combat single-use waste and making it easy for you to use one carton throughout your day or week.

Better Than Milk® organic drinks are great for anyone who chooses non-dairy milk whether for health, planetary or lifestyle reasons! Shelf stable, and with no carrageenan or soy, Better Than Milk® is great for spontaneous bakers, committed hikers, early risers, and late night ‘cookies and milk’ guzzlers. 

About Heather Montane @bend.brothers
Heather Montane is a 31-year-old female living in Rochester, MN. She is originally from Wisconsin but moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2016 to obtain her master’s degree. She has always considered her an eco-conscious person. She works as a physician assistant at Mayo Clinic in medical oncology and started a "green team" within the division. She worked to phase out Styrofoam use and to refurbish keyboards rather than tossing them. Her Instagram follows her family’s daily escapades in green living. Every April for the past few years, she has provided daily "eco-friendly tips" to followers to encourage them to go green.

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