Can the Vapor Cartridge Technology Revive the Legal Cannabis Market?

Delight cannabis users with a far safer, far more convenient less expensive product

STILLWATER, Minn. , Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –“YES” According to Timothy L. McCullough inventor and owner of Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC. “Vapor Cartridge Technology was designed to do just that, and the place to start is California.” It starts with a new business model built on the concept of “Certified Cannabis Distilleries.” Just like some wineries which have no vineyards, they just process grapes into wine, “Certified Cannabis Distilleries” would have no farms they just process the cannabis into vapor cartridges. And they must source the cannabis crop form certified legal cannabis farms. The method for extraction was designed to be precise, very efficient, and very low cost. The method is called Thermal Distillation Coating and is described in full detail in this website: ( Each Vapor Cartridge contains a precise amount of full plant cannabis extracts in semi-solid oil form. The contents of which can then be vaporized using a patented FDA approvable drug delivery device. Consumers can compare the physiological benefits derived from a Vapor Cartridge to the physiological benefits derived by smoking or vaporizing flower. The Vapor Cartridge will win hands down and quickly replace flower as the source for deriving the physiological benefits that the customers desire. An alternative supply chain for the delivery of cannabis extracts would look like this:

“This is by far the most efficient, lowest cost and safest method for delivering cannabis extracts to the consumers blood stream,” according to a company spokesperson. And the tax structure is a clear and fair. I that each business entity sets aside a percent of the Payment for Goods Purchased that they receive. This will be the tax that they pay to the CDTFA.

On August 28, 2023, a detailed proposal on how to create this alternative supply chain was sent to Ms. Nicole Elliott, Director of the Department for Cannabis Control, and a copy was sent to Governor Gavin Newsom. That proposal can be viewed at this website ( under the tab “Proposal to CDTFA.” 

More information to come soon. 

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