Buyers Edge Platform Launches Back Office, One-Stop-Shop for Restaurants to Manage Food Costs and Automate Back Office Operations

WALTHAM, Mass., March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Buyers Edge Platform, the leading foodservice procurement platform with more than $35 billion in transactional volume, announced the launch of Buyers Edge Back Office, a one-stop-shop solution for restaurant operators to manage food costs and automate their back-office operations. 

The restaurant segment is specialized and needs back-office software that is built specifically for them.  Historically, legacy back-office solutions have not been very user friendly or built with the operator in mind. The need for data-driven technology solutions that help restaurants cut food costs, increase operational effectiveness, and ultimately increase profits has grown as a result of the current economic conditions in the hospitality sector. While operators invested in numerous solutions to gain visibility into their purchasing habits during Covid, restaurants are ready to minimize that tech stack. The majority of restaurants are searching for a solution that is designed to address the specific revenue, cost of goods, and labor concerns that restaurants face since they have outgrown non-industry-specific accounting software. 

“Over the years, Buyers Edge Platform has invested heavily in technology such as RASI, Orderly, and Foodbam. By merging these different technologies together, we’ve been able to create the easiest back-office software,” said John Davie, CEO Buyers Edge Platform. “We’re now able to offer one complete solution called Buyers Edge Back Office.”  

Buyers Edge Back Office will simplify a restaurant’s current tech stack offering SaaS services such as ordering, Accounting, Payroll and Food Cost Management solutions all in one easy to use software.  

“Traditionally, restaurant software has been siloed into only performing one specific function, so the restaurants have been forced to piecemeal their tech stack with systems that don’t connect efficiently and are not truly built with foodservice operations in mind,” said Davie.

About Buyers Edge Platform 

Buyers Edge Platform is the foodservice procurement platform providing data-driven insights and technology to the foodservice industry.  We connect entities throughout foodservice and empower them to run their businesses more efficiently by leveraging data and analytics.  Buyers Edge Platform’s mission is to drive the foodservice industry from manual to automated with programs that benefit all stakeholders across the supply chain. Visit to learn more. 


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