Building and Driving America’s Culinary Future – World’s Largest Custom Food Truck Designer Helps Lead Booming $2 Billion+ Industry: Premier Food Trucks

‘From taco wagons to hot dogs, ice cream, pretzels, seafood and sandwiches, all the way up to gourmet-on-the-go, we build the trucks that keep Americans fed…’

BUNNELL, Fla., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Food Trucks (PFT) continued its soaring upward trend into 2023 with multiple orders for its tailored restaurant trucks set to keep the company’s engineers and mechanics busy for the foreseeable future. And although it has evolved into a major business, PFT continues to blow past its competitors by sticking to the original recipe for the company’s spectacular success: offering premium gas/diesel food truck construction using top quality materials and fabrication along with thoughtful and practical designs. With vinyl wrapping jobs that border on art, paired with unmatched 24/7 support for every aspect of the food truck business, PFT continues to impress both its small business and big corporate clients.

From ideas to planning and all the small stuff in between, like code department approvals, we are here to help,” said Brandon Williams, Head of Manufacturing and PFT co-owner. “Everything we do is built to order and fully customized. We always work directly with our clients or their design team to create a beautiful and functional canvas to showcase their work. And we never cheap-out on anything: every machine we use is top of the line, able to hold up to the constant stress and shifting environments experienced by busy food trucks.”

Food trucks are so popular right now partly because they appeal to a wide variety of hungry diners,” said Thomas Albano, Shop Managing Director and PFT co-owner. “White collar to blue collar, families, students, tourists, and more, it’s hard to resist a brightly colored truck filled with delicious-smelling food and smiling faces. That’s the heart of it right there: owners and diners who interact happily over a freshly cooked meal, prepared in a top-notch mobile facility, and eaten on the go. We keep that goal in mind and do everything it takes to get our clients there.”

Explore build options for both gas and diesel vehicles, or learn more about food truck ownership and operation via the PFT blog. And check out pictures of recently completed food trucks by following PFT on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.

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PFT is the number one food truck builder in the world with over 300 trucks built so far. Using the highest quality generators, metal, equipment, signage, and gas/diesel trucks available, PFT lovingly designs and creates custom-built food delivery vehicles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Rated first for reliability, style, and unmatched customer service, PFT gives start-to-finish services for each mobile unit. Learn more at:

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