Bryte Payment Solutions Shines New Light on Hospitality Industry Challenges

Major payment processing company, Bryte, is utilizing its marketing department to give a voice to the restaurateurs impacted by the employment crisis in the hospitality industry, as well as increasing exposure for the restaurants themselves.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bryte Payment Solutions, the national payment processing company specializing in restaurants and hospitality services, announced the release of "Candid Conversations," a new video series where restaurateurs and industry professionals have open and honest conversations about the state of their respective businesses, and the industry as a whole.

To source the most authentic and genuine participants possible, Bryte President Dave Humphrey called upon Steven Morris, Senior Vice President of Partner Relations in Bryte’s Columbia, South Carolina office. Morris, excited about the project, reached out to both clients and non-clients alike to ensure a fair and balanced conversation.

Participants include (in order of introduction) Jessica Pagan, Owner of A Fuego 100×35, Justin Owens, Operating Partner at Travinia Italian Kitchen, Noel Caskey, General Manager at Le Peep


"Nobody is talking about how the people and families within the industry are being affected by these challenges, and we found it important to shed some new light on these real stories," says Humphrey.

Dave, a lifelong entrepreneur himself, understands the challenges that come along with business ownership.

"Our clients and our agents are navigating a landscape that has quite literally never existed before, and is fundamentally changing the ways an entire industry is run. We want to utilize our resources to help the public understand that."

"Candid Conversations" serves as a window into the very real and personal stories that continue to be written as pandemic restrictions ease, but still remain a concern for those hit the hardest.

This announcement comes on the heels of a year where over 3 million jobs were lost in the industry, and over 110,000 establishments closed, or were projected to close due to profit losses (National Library of Medicine).

"Our hope," concluded Humphrey, "is that this will help people understand that by feeding their families at locally owned restaurants, they’re helping the owners and staff to feed theirs, as well."


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Media Contact:
David Humphrey