BoardRoom Organics Introduces Old World European Dessert to Their Product Line

MIAMI, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zabaglione has been a popular Italian dessert since the 16th century. Now BoardRoom Organics is bringing it to consumers with a healthy spin. Using farm fresh and organic ingredients, this ageless dessert can now offer health benefits.

The dessert is made of 3 main ingredients, eggs, heavy cream and wine or liqueur. "Growing up this dessert was made every Sunday in our home," says spokesman Tony Petkovich. "I remember my mamma standing in the kitchen over the stove whipping up a batch of her delicious zabaglione, my mouth watering as I anticipated, she would serve it up and say ‘mangia, mangia!" Recreating this recipe BoardRoom Organics selected choice ingredients, boosting the health benefits.

"We wanted to use the best and healthiest ingredients possible, using local farm fresh eggs from hens with a high omega diet and pasture raised, boosts health benefits to our customers. Our heavy cream, grade A organic and a delicious classic and keto friendly italian wine, zabaglione is now a cleaner and healthier dessert option."  

BoardRoom Organics next task was to bring zabaglione to its customers in a convenient and ready to eat way. Offering their dessert in 2 oz jar, you can grab it and go. Enjoy zabaglione without the extra work in the kitchen. Pick up one, two or three jars for a delicious classic Italian treat!

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Tony Petkovich

SOURCE BoardRoom Organics