BevZero Launches White Label Program to Support Brands Looking to Enter the No- and Low-Alcohol Wine Industry

Leading beverage services and equipment provider, BevZero, leverages infrastructure and partners to allow brands a streamlined approach to enter the no and low wine market.

SANTA ROSA, Calif., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beverage industry veteran, BevZero, has announced the launch of the BevZero White Label Program to further enhance the full suite of service offerings in support of the growing no- and low-alcohol space.

With a market value of nearly US$10 billion in 2021 and an estimated +8% CAGR between 2021 and 2025 (compared to regular alcohol volume growth of +0.7% CAGR during that same period), the IWSR predicts that the no- and low-alcohol segment is still in its infancy. The wine category, in particular, is forecasted to grow even further at +20% CAGR for low-alcohol wine and +9% CAGR for no-alcohol wine.

BevZero has partnered with key wine industry supply chain leaders to develop a streamlined approach to bringing new no-alcohol brands to market. Through this partnership, the overall time to market is reduced, as well as the hassle of product development, sourcing, bottling, and other unforeseen challenges.

The supply chain partners are located in the premier wine-growing regions of the world: Spain, South Africa and Northern California. With BevZero’s white label program, brands can choose from a variety of wine styles, including favorites such as chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, chenin blanc, and rose, as well as packaging ranging from cans to bottles.

"We have seen encouraging results from our test cases in Spain," says Irem Eren, Director of Business Development and Sales for BevZero Spain, "and customers appreciate the variety of wines and packaging available, which will continue to expand as we scale."

Once a wine style is selected, BevZero Equipment provides the innovative technology to gently dealcoholize the wine without loss of aroma or flavor, so brands receive a high-quality dealcoholized wine, ready for a label and fast track their time to market.

BevZero CEO, Debbie Novograd, says, "With the exponential growth of the no and low market across the globe, we want to provide brands the opportunity to leverage our relationships and infrastructure, so they can put a quality product in market without a significant investment in time or money."

BevZero is positioning itself for the category’s future needs and will continue to evolve alongside the segment to provide its customers best-in-class services.

About BevZero

BevZero is a global leader in beverage services, equipment, expertise and innovative solutions. From non-alcoholic beers and no or low alcohol wines to rapidly aged spirits and infused drinks, BevZero uses its expertise in formulation, supply chain management and exclusive access to advanced equipment to service a wide range of global clients fulfilling their needs across all stages of beverage development. BevZero is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California with additional locations in Spain and South Africa.

For more information, visit the BevZero website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

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