Best Soft-Baked Cookies You Will Ever Try… and They're Keto!

PORTLAND, Ore., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Cookie Department, a maker of gourmet cookies headquartered in Portland, Oregon is proud to share three keto-friendly cookies to its line of functional cookies. The three cookies, named Champion Chip, Cake Walk, and Mint Condition, help make “getting your body in mint condition a cake walk.”

Since 2009, The Cookie Department has specialized in creating “Fully Functional” cookies; classically loved flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter infused with beneficial ingredients like superfoods, probiotics, and protein. Specializing in bakery-quality packaged keto-friendly treats might seem like a natural evolution for the body-conscious brand, however, the sweet story of The Cookie Department‘s transition to low-carb, low-sugar, and gluten-free cookie offerings is quite personal to the Founder, Akiva Resnikoff.

Sitting at a coffee shop, he noticed numerous patrons purchasing baked goods along with their coffee. A lightbulb moment hit; could he create a bakery delicious caffeinated cookie?

After 60 + trial and error double chocolate coffee batches, the Awaken Baked® containing a full cup of coffee in each serving was perfected! This cookie would become the signature of his yet-to-be-founded company, The Cookie Department.

In 2019 The Cookie Department began to take its current shape as America’s most-delicious Ketogenic Cookie on the market. Resnikoff’s wife Elannah has had a long journey of healing from the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries. Consistently her team of doctors had recommended incongruous treatment protocols, with her body often feeling like a trial and error test subject. A rare area of agreement was that the ketogenic diet would decrease her inflammation and nerve pain, stabilize her blood sugar and lift her brain fog. Keto has been a huge win for their family!

Due to keto, Elannah wasn’t able to indulge in her husband’s line of gourmet cookies, and there weren’t yet any keto-friendly sweets on the market. So, early in their relationship Resnikoff started baking her indulgent treats without the sugar, carbs, or gluten. As the keto-friendly food space grew, the Resnikoffs sampled every keto cookie out there. None have been as satiating as those Akiva whipped up, so together they decided to transition the cookie line to focus solely on some of their favorite keto creations.

Today, The Cookie Department serves over 15,000 unique monthly customers as those like Elannah with specialized dietary needs including diabetics, epileptics, celiacs, and the weight/carb-conscious can now indulge in delicious and decadent cookies once again! The Cookie Department currently offers 3 flavors birthday cake Cake Walk, double chocolate mint Mint Condition, and chocolate chip Champion Chip boasting only 1 gram of sugar, zero artificial ingredients, no soy, no corn, no gluten, no grains, no trans fats, no refined sugars, and no GMOs. One could say the marriage between functional, and keto-friendly ingredients are what makes this sweet mom-and-pop brand’s story so delicious. Stay tuned for fun new flavor launches!

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