Bespoken Launches New Portfolio of Double Gold Medal Winning Whiskeys

SAN FRANCISCO, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bespoken, a pioneering craft whiskey maker, is narrowing its portfolio with three new award-winning whiskeys, reinforcing its dedication to quality, flavor, and sustainability in the spirits industry. As a leading innovator in the spirits industry, Bespoken distinguishes itself from other whiskey makers by aligning purpose with passion. Through a proprietary process, Bespoken uses tailored wood finishing to develop complex flavors, resulting in a hand-selected and sustainable whiskeys that deliver award winning flavor with less impact on the environment.

Peter Iglesias, CEO of Bespoken, stated, “This represents the launch of a portfolio from a modern craft brand that delivers award-winning whiskeys while striving for sustainability. We are proud to say that our approach to sustainability has not compromised the quality of our spirits; it has only enhanced it, allowing us to create unique and complex flavor profiles.” Bespoken’s craft whiskeys have earned it 150 awards and counting in just three years of production.

Thanks to its innovative process and love for whiskey, Bespoken has been able to create whiskeys that use less wood, energy and water than traditional barrel aging, and still offer exceptional quality and character. The company uses hand-selected wood staves, individually toasted, and charred, to craft the perfect balance of flavor in every bottle.  Bespoken’s tailored wood-finishing uses only the traditional ingredients – grains, wood, toast, and char – with no additives, reimagining spirits by combining innovative thinking with traditional materials.

Bespoken has earned the recognition and support of investors TJ Rodgers and Derek Jeter, who recognize the potential of Bespoken’s unique approach to whiskey-making. With a portfolio of double gold award-winning whiskeys from prestigious blind tasting competitions like the San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competitions, Bespoken is leading the charge in bringing sustainable, innovative whiskey to the masses. Bespoken’s launch reflects its continued commitment to innovation, sustainability and crafting the most flavorful whiskeys for today’s open-minded drinker.

Bespoken has partnered with Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine to manage sales and marketing for the portfolio. The whiskeys are currently distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits in CA, WA and with Republic National Distributing Company in FL and TX. Opening in Q-2 and Q-3 TN, KY, GA, MI, and NY.

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