Assessing Oil Purity Using the Power of Light: Worldwide Leader in Spectrophotometry, HunterLab, Begins Global Campaign to Measure Quality for Edible Oil Industry

‘Whether you are producing coconut, olive, safflower, vegetable, or palm oil, our spectrophotometers can measure color and turbidity simultaneously, in any shape vial or cuvette, and accurately report LOVIBOND® RYBN 1″ and 5.25″ results, as well as AOCS RY 1″ and 5.25″ results – all in one convenient test…’

RESTON, Va., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HunterLab announced a new campaign beginning on February 7 to raise awareness for its cutting-edge spectrophotometers that can help the edible oil industries test purity and food quality for a wide range of refined oils used for human consumption. HunterLab’s spectrophotometers measure color, turbidity, and other crucial quantitative data to produce accurate evaluations using one single diagnostic machine and with one test. HunterLab spectrophotometers elevate quality and appearance, helping industry partners produce edible products that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Creators of the foundational L*, a*, b* color management values, HunterLab specializes in both the food industry and liquid sample measurement, significantly reducing time and money for its customers.

“We are especially excited to share this new area of industry expansion for us,” said Bob Weaver, President and COO for HunterLab. “Our tools are an absolute game changer for edible oil producers because so many spectrophotometer providers still use outdated measurements and tech based in the late 1800s. And while those models were appropriate for that time, spectrometry has drastically changed. We know because we’ve been innovators in this field for decades. And we are happy to introduce oil producers to the accuracy, speed, and convenience of HunterLab spectrophotometry.”

HunterLab – Beautifully Clear Oils Fit for Consumption

Color and appearance are critical to the refining process of all edible oils, helping define the range for optimal quality and grading that QC experts must maintain at every stage of the oil production process. Consistent color and appearance reflect purity and safety, while also adhering to the rigorous standards ultimately expected by the FDA and consumers who are buying the end products.

HunterLab measurements use the popular LOVIBOND® and AOCS color indices to classify vegetable oil color. Replacing expensive and hard-to-clean 1-in or 5.25-in transmittance cells, HunterLab spectrometers allow for small quantity sample measurements (as small as 10mm) using inexpensive transmittance cells and vials. And using only five seconds per measurement, the process improves productivity while requiring less sample material and less time on post-measurement cleaning.

HunterLab carries a full range of inline or highly portable field-lab models that dramatically speed up measurement process times, minimize waste and cleanup time, and come with modernized color scales and indexes to make accurate measurements and assessments every single time. Each HunterLab spectrophotometer is also equipped with an easy-to-use modern interface and data communication features, allowing for minimal training and onboarding for line technicians.

Learn more about how Hunter Spectrophotometers are monitoring and transforming the edible oil industry via the HunterLab blog. And for updates on HunterLab spectrophotometers and other related applications, please follow the company on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter.

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