Asia’s Best Kept Secret Cooking Oil is Coming to a Pantry Near You

HONG KONG, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Yóu Yóu (which means ‘oil oil’ and is pronounced ‘yo-yo’), the brand bringing you the best cooking oil you never knew existed. Yóu Yóu is introducing 100% Organic Tea Seed Oil, a type of oil that has been cultivated, produced, and used in Asia for centuries and is the most versatile cooking oil everyone deserves to know about, to the U.S. During a time when consumers are exploring their kitchens like never before, Yóu Yóu‘s Organic Tea Seed Oil is here to be the premium kitchen staple that brings out every flavor no matter the recipe. 

Oil is a make-or-break ingredient that is often overlooked. Authentic Asian cooking has mastered recipes that require high heat without burning food or losing flavor while maintaining the nutritional value by using ingredients such as Tea Seed Oil. Tea Seed Oil comes from the seeds of Camellia oleifera, a flowering plant native to East Asia. Each bottle of Tea Seed Oil takes 8 years of harvesting, filtering, and cold pressing to produce. Because of its neutral flavor and high smoke point of 485°F, it came to be known as the "olive oil of the East" and is exactly why Yóu Yóu is bringing it to the West. 

Yóu Yóu’s 100% Organic Tea Seed Oil is organically grown and sourced from the Hunan region in China, where every bottle goes through a long and rigorous process to ensure it is worthy for a spot in your kitchen. Like other Tea Seed Oils found in Asia, Yóu Yóu‘s Organic Tea Seed Oil is packed with antioxidants called "catechins" that pump your food with nutrition. It has more omega-3’s than olive oil, is cholesterol-free with 0 trans-fat, boasts minerals, vitamins E, A, & B, and is Organic & Vegan certified. This Tea Seed Oil has a silky texture and a slightly nutty flavor with botanical undertones. It is a versatile and complementary oil that not only allows you to turn up the heat without burning your food but takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooking rather than overpowering it – whether you are frying, sauteing or even baking. 

"Tea Seed Oil is a little-known secret that hasn’t made it big yet in the U.S. and we are thrilled to be the ones to bring it to the forefront and put it in the spotlight," says Anthony Chen, Co-Founder of Yóu Yóu. "Our hope is to inspire that universal feeling of shared moments around food and introduce consumers to their new go-to cooking oil."

Yóu Yóu Organic Tea Seed Oil is available now in a 500 mL/16.9 Fl Oz bottle for $39.99 and can be purchased online at

About Yóu Yóu
Yóu Yóu is on a mission to bring diversity to pantries everywhere with kitchen staples and ingredients commonly used around that world that allow people to elevate their cooking. Co-Founder Anthony Chen grew up in his parents’ Asian grocery store helping to sell everything from cooking oils and sauces to ramen and snacks. In search of an authentic, versatile cooking oil that would taste great and feel good for the body after cooking with it, Anthony partnered with the largest camellia farm in Hunan, China to create Yóu Yóu‘s flagship offering, Organic Tea Seed Oil. Yóu Yóu is more than just a cooking oil; Yóu Yóu products are made for shared moments and everyday enjoyment. For more information on Yóu Yóu, please visit

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