Altitude Makes The Jump From Pilots To Professionals

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude is a beverage designed with wholesome energy in mind. The tonic began as a startup aimed at helping pilots stay awake without the fear of a sugar crash. Since its launch, the effective energy booster has resonated with an ever-increasing audience of professionals that stretches across the globe.

Altitude is a drink on a mission. The product is the American offshoot of the European parent brand PilotsFriend — a company that was created with a purpose. PilotsFriend was founded back in 2003 by a group of NATO pilots who found that there was no genuine solution to help them stay awake during their long shifts spent on the flight deck. Energy drinks were all the rage at that point, but regulations and health concerns made them difficult to utilize. On top of that, many of the energy options on the market were filled with synthetics and had a tendency to end in a terrible energy crash. The potential for jittery hands and exhausted endings made it difficult to justify the use of such extreme measures.

The result was PilotsFriend and its North American counterpart Altitude. The founders of the startup spent years working with nutritionists, scientists, and doctors to come up with a powerful, health-conscious list of ingredients. When all was said and done, they had developed a formula that opted for natural stimulants like Cola nut and Guarana seeds over synthetic alternatives. It also included black carrot, chokeberry, ginger, cardamom, and a smorgasbord of other nutritionally packed elements. All of these ingredients joined forces to provide a fast-acting yet prolonged energy kick that also helped with digestion, inflammation, and immune health.

While the product was initially created with pilots in mind, it wasn’t long before it began to be used outside of the cockpit, as well. Tired professionals from all walks of life reveled in the ability to down a healthy beverage that gave them a genuine, sustainable pick-me-up.

Since its inception, PilotsFriend has caught on like wildfire throughout the European energy industry. It recently entered the U.S. market, as well, under the Altitude label and has quickly begun to make its mark on the multi-billion dollar North American energy drink industry. With its healthy ingredients, energetic efficacy, and a clean, professional image, there’s no knowing how far this innovative product will go as it continues to build a rapport with consumers both at home and abroad.

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