Altitude Is the Doctor Pepper of the Energy Industry: There’s Nothing Like It

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude was created to solve the problem of unhealthy energy drinks. Classic market options tend to use unhealthy ingredients and lead to unpleasant results. With Altitude, the goal is to deliver a healthy dose of energy, an immunity boost, and a digestive aid …all with an impeccable taste of clarity, to boot.

PilotsFriend has been creating its signature energy tonic for its European and Canadian customers for years now. It also recently entered the U.S. under the Altitude label. The high-flying energy booster isn’t your mother’s energy drink, either. It represents a completely new take on the concept of convenient, effective energy.

Traditionally, energy drinks have been loaded with sugars, preservatives, and synthetics. These have been tolerated because those who buy energy drinks aren’t interested in their health benefits. They’re after one thing: energy.

The problem is, when someone cranks their energy levels up to eleven with an overpowering energy drink, they aren’t doing themselves any favors. Jittery hands, rapid heartbeats, and sugar crashes all follow — and even send some individuals to the hospital from time to time.

The folks at PilotsFriend knew that there had to be a better way to access energy. Rather than waiting for someone else to solve the problem, they set out to create their own solution. The result was Altitude.

Altitude is an energy option like no other. It doesn’t just deliver a pick-me-up (although that’s certainly part of the deal.) Altitude is a multifunctional drink that focuses on three key areas of support:

  • Altitude offers a long-lasting, crash-free energy boost through an optimized 48mg dose of caffeine from kola nut and guarana seeds extracts.
  • Altitude includes ingredients like great yellow gentian, cardamom, and ginger that deliver additional digestive aid.
  • Altitude also adds ingredients like black carrot, lemon, acerola, and chokeberry that reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

All of these ingredients are responsibly sourced, 100% natural, and organic. They’re also vegan, and GMO-free. Altitude doesn’t use preservatives or artificial flavors and avoids aspartame and synthetic taurine.

The resulting beverage is the perfect answer to an energy slump. It wakes up the body and brings a fresh sense of clarity and focus to the mind. In addition, digestion and immunity are supported, ensuring that the body is helped rather than hurt by the experience.

From quality ingredients to holistic help, Altitude is a game-changer in an energy drink industry overrun with shabby, short-term solutions.

About Altitude: Altitude is an organic energy tonic owned and produced by the Austrian/Italian company PilotsFriend. The brand has operations in Europe and Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace under the direction of Ali Asghari, co-founder and president of the brand’s Canadian wing PilotsFriend West. Originally created to help keep jet pilots awake at the controls, the drink has become a popular source of energy for professionals across the globe. Its quality ingredients work together to offer an organic, natural, long-lasting, crash-free way to achieve peak performance in any and all circumstances. Learn more about Altitude at

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