Almond Cow Launches Innovative Single-Serve ‘Milk Medleys’

The Definitive Plant-Based Milk Maker Introduces New Line of Convenient, Ready-to-blend Ingredients

ATLANTA, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Perfectly timed for Earth Month, Almond Cow, the definitive zero-waste appliance that produces plant-based milk in less than a minute, announces its new line of single-serve ingredients, Milk Medleys. Designed for users to simply create tasty milks without measuring, these medleys are available in two silky flavors, Creamy CocoCash™ and Original Almonds ‘n’ Dates, with more to come.

Just when you thought milk-making could not get any easier, Almond Cow and its Milk Medleys™ are revolutionizing the process of making homemade plant-based milk. Simply add water and a Milk Medley packet to the Almond Cow without measuring ingredients to create up to 6 cups of simply flawless milk! The single-serve packaging is biodegradable and can be buried in a garden or compost pile, making this a plastic-free process. Almond Cow’s Milk Medleys™ are certified Glyphosate Residue Free, non-GMO Project Verified, with some blends being USDA Organic, and Pollinator Partnership Approved.

“Since our founding in 2016, we have prevented the need for over 5 million single-use milk cartons to enter landfills and oceans. We are nuts about helping consumers make better milk for a better planet, and our new Milk Medleys will help our customers continue to minimize our impact on the environment,” said Brett Goodson, CEO of Almond Cow. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these delicious, easy-to-use, home compostable single-serve packets, and we can’t wait for anyone who wants to make milk from scratch to try them out!”

The Almond Cow transforms any nut, seed, or grain into plant-based milk with its unique centrifugal filtration that allows for simple and efficient milk-making without the need for heat. It is as easy as adding the desired ingredients to the machine’s stainless-steel filter basket, filling the base with water, and waiting for the device to do the rest. The machine automatically separates the milk from the pulp, making 5-6 cups of fresh milk per batch in less than a minute. So say goodbye to buying store-bought milk with sweeteners, additives, and stabilizers, and opt for this eco-friendly alternative.

The Milk Medleys™ come in a six-pack for $20.95 and are available on the Almond Cow website. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram @almondcow.

About Almond Cow
On a mission for consumers to never buy another carton of shelf milk again, Almond Cow is the modern way to make milk. Almond Cow is nuts about offering appliances and ingredients that help make better milk for a better planet. In minutes, the Almond Cow can make different products such as flavored milks, hot and cold beverages (cocktails, functional beverages, etc.), creamers, infusions (flavor and ingredient infusions), dressings, soups, pulps, frozen treats, and more. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram @almondcow.

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