All Real Nutrition is All About Debunking Fakeness

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — All Real Nutrition is an Irish health food brand that has made its name through honesty, transparency, and efficacy. From its ingredients to its operations to its charitable efforts, the company is committed to debunking fakeness and setting a new standard in the global health food industry.

All Real Nutrition is a company that is founded on openness and honesty. This commitment to being real is reflected in the organization’s motto, which is boldly plastered right across the company’s home page: "Real food. Real Nutrition. Real Impact." Above this motivational statement, three more of the brand’s focal points can also be seen: "Natural. Plastic-Free. Made in Ireland." This trio of factors, backed up by the company’s catalytic motto, has driven All Real Nutrition to set a new gold standard when it comes to health food — especially snack bars.

This commitment to transparency starts with the company’s ingredients. These are minimal in nature, sans synthetics, and utilize real Irish ingredients, particularly Irish dairy and sea salt.

In spite of these restrictive parameters, the brand has managed to create a series of snack bars that are impressively soft, wonderfully chewy, and have an incredible all-around taste. The best part is that the taste doesn’t even depend on one of the food industry’s staple selling ingredients: sugar. While there is some natural sugar included via ingredients like dates and honey, company cofounder Niall Harty takes great care to emphasize the fact that even these are only included for preservation and aren’t necessary for the flavor profile.

Along with the quality of ingredients, All Real Nutrition emphasizes the ability of its products to deliver truly powerful results. Its bars are created to fuel those with an aspirational lifestyle, and they genuinely deliver on that promise. From filling the stomach to energizing the body, All Real Nutrition’s bars are fully capable of answering even the strongest hankerings for a snack.

The company is also serious about corporate social responsibility. Rather than doing lip service and embracing empty promises, the brand is committed to making a bona fide difference in multiple ways. As an Origin Green Certified manufacturer, it is committed to monitoring things like electricity, waste, and water, paying a living wage (not just a minimum wage), and promoting from within the ranks of its own employees.

In addition, All Real Nutrition’s snack bars are packaged in compostable wrappers that prevent littering or long-term pollution issues. The brand has even partnered with Plastic Bank to help proactively take plastic contamination out of the world’s oceans.

For All Real Nutrition, the desire to make a difference is real. It goes much further than marketing-focused messages designed to boost sales. The company is clearly trying to put its money where its mouth is in a manner that extends from sustaining the needs of consumers to making a greater difference in its customer communities and the world as a whole. The transparency that All Real Nutrition offers is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a world that is struggling with greenwashing and empty CSR initiatives at every step.

About All Real Nutrition: All Real Nutrition was co-founded by engineers Niall Harty and Ross McDowell. The company is based out of Kerry, Ireland and was officially launched in 2020 after years of incubation, preparation, and research.

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