Agroforestry Group (AFG) Created: Plantations International Separates into Two Companies

HONG KONG, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Plantations International Holdings Hong Kong has today announced that it has changed its name to Agroforestry Group (“AFG”). As a result, it will be renaming and rebranding all of its operations within Malaysia and Singapore to Agroforestry Group to better reflect the new direction of the company. All associated clients and products within these two countries, namely Agarwood and Durian in Malaysia, will now fall under Agroforestry Group. All other Plantations International projects including Indonesia will remain the same and will operate as a separate company. 

The separation of Plantations International and Agroforestry Group enables each company to strengthen their strategic focus, optimize their cost structure and offers a greater opportunity to leverage their unique competitive advantages. Mr. Steve Newman will be heading Agroforestry Group as Chief Executive Officer, the same position he held at Plantations International. 

“Following a comprehensive review of our operations it was clear that this separation was necessary. It helps both company’s better address the needs of our clients as our regional businesses have increasingly diverged over time. Each company requires a different strategy to thrive moving forward,” said Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD. 

Mr. Martin assured that the transition would be seamless and that there would be no impact to any existing clients or to any of its operations within Malaysia and Singapore. All existing Sales and Management contracts remain the same and are not affected. A full rebranding will commence that will represent the new direction that Agroforestry Group has decided to take.

Agroforestry Group will be focusing on providing agricultural and forestry related services to clients. These services range from consulting, project management and implementation to sales and marketing activities. Agroforestry Group will specifically cater towards projects in emerging sectors that emphasize sustainability and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria. 

Agroforestry Group (AFG)

Agroforestry Group (AFG) is involved in projects that aim to make a difference. We offer agricultural and forestry related services to clients ranging from consulting, project management and implementation to sales and marketing. We specifically cater towards projects that aim to meet the needs of our ever expanding population whilst optimizing the limited natural resources the world has. 

Agriculture and forestry are relatively new asset classes that have risen in prominence over the past decade with the proliferation of green, sustainable, impact and ESG investment concepts.  The unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has simply amplified the importance of the sector even further. 

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