AGRI Developments and Bayawan City Pioneering Agricultural Advances in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AGRI Developments Mgt. Corp. ("AGRI Developments") is delighted to have been recognized by Bayawan City as a key partner for its instrumental role in developing its agricultural and agrotourism sectors.

Baywan City featured AGRI Developments as the leading story in this month’s Saburan magazine in recognition of its dedication, investment and contribution to the City’s development. Key highlights include the exchange of agricultural advances in terms of growth and productivity yield enhancement, employment, tourism and investment.

Donna Maturan, Bayawan City’s Tourism Officer stated, "AGRI Developments is key to the Tourism Development Plan of the City." Adding that, "Bayawan City’s focus on agricultural tourism is uniquely different than nearby municipalities and the Company’s pioneering mango and Hass avocado developments are driving global recognition, local agricultural advances and general interest to our entire community." She continued by saying that the government was providing full assistance in the promotion and marketing of the mango and Hass avocado developments both domestically and globally.

In terms of investment and economic development opportunities, the City called specific attention to AGRI Developments recent Hass avocado development. The first of its kind in Negros Oriental and one of the first commercially focused developments across all of Asia, it has the ability to change the entire economic landscape of Bayawan City.

Hass avocados are relatively new in Asia but consumption is quickly growing. Mr. van Egeraat, CEO of AGRI Developments stated that Asia contains the fastest growing consumer markets. Although South American production currently dominates supply, AGRI Developments aims to change this due to its competitive advantages. These include lower costs particularly on transportation, and freshness, as they are strategically located near all key import markets in Asia. He added, the Philippines is the only country currently capable of commercially producing Hass avocados in Asia.

Referring to its partnership with Bayawan City he proclaimed, "The working partnership with Bayawan City would not have been possible without the leadership and vision of Mayor Pryde Henry Teves." He added that the Mayor has been a key proponent of advancing agricultural knowledge, productivity and tourism in order to improve the economic environment for all Bayawanons.

Bayawan City & Mayor Pryde Henry Teves

Mr. Pryde Henry Teves, the current Mayor of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental first assumed office in 2016. He was previously a member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, first elected in 2007 and winning re-election in 2010. Known as a man of the people he is committed to serving the City across all fronts to improve the quality of life of all Bayawanons.

The agricultural industry has been a key of his and key component of his Economic Development and Environmental Management policy objectives which are noted below:

  • To provide opportunities for private sector investment into agriculture
  • To develop local sites as potential tourist destinations
  • To increase agricultural crop yields

AGRI Developments
AGRI Developments is a leading private alternative asset company specializing in the agricultural and agribusiness industry. We seek emerging investment opportunities globally with an objective of delivering long term value in high growth developing sectors within the industry.  As world population increases, the need for more investment, productive and sustainable uses of land become more urgent.  Our mission is to build successful agricultural related businesses that deliver a positive impact.

By 2050 Earth will need to produce 70% more food to feed an additional 2.5 billion people, whilst arable land decreases. AGRI Developments in support of the world’s needs always aims to do more with less. By creating more value with less risk, by producing more crops from less land and generating more business with less of an ecological footprint.

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