Activists Identify Major Slaughterhouse Regulatory Violations in Chicago, Holds “Day Of Action”

CHICAGO, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Slaughter Free Chicago, a campaign launched by nonprofit Free From Harm, has announced a new initiative that demands Governor JB Pritzker replace Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello after an independent investigation revealed numerous regulatory failures at Chicago slaughterhouses. The group, whose investigations have successfully shut down the Francisco Pollo Vivo slaughterhouse in Chicago, is holding a Day of Action to address the specifics of these revelations.

Beginning in 2020, Slaughter Free Chicago has investigated and blown the whistle on noncompliance issues at Type II Chicago slaughterhouses to the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA). The reporting includes emails with photographic and video evidence that urged investigations into these facilities by IDA. More precisely, the evidence revealed that the Type II licenses are routinely in violation of the most basic terms of the license: "No sales of meat and poultry products are permitted." Furthermore, the group’s analysis of IDA inspection reports reveals that Costello has failed to enforce this law.

Director Jerry Costello has not responded to any of the group’s requests for investigation and these violations continue today.

"We are demanding that the IDA consistently apply the same disciplinary action it took in the case of Francisco Pollo Vivo, and that is to investigate and then revoke the license for those found violating the Type II license terms," said the Director of Slaughter Free Chicago, Robert Grillo. "Our demands go a step further to call on Governor Pritzker to fire or ask for Director Costello’s resignation due to his failure to enforce the Type II license terms as well as his obstructionism and lack of transparency when dealing with members of the public or advocacy groups like us."

Slaughter Free Chicago‘s request to the Governor can be read in its entirety here and is outlined in this petition. The group has not received a response. The protest and press conference will take place at Chicago slaughterhouse Aden Poultry in Lincoln Square at 10AM, where Slaughter Free Chicago, Animal Activism Mentorship, Animal Liberation Action Squad featuring VeganEvan, among others, will urge state officials to enforce the law and shut down Type II slaughterhouses that are in violation of their license. The group will also detail new investigative research that shows additional violations that pose an ongoing threat to public health at these facilities at a second press conference on North Astor Street near Burton Place at 1PM.

About Slaughter Free Chicago

Slaughter Free Chicago is a campaign launched in 2018 by Free From Harm, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping end animal exploitation through grassroots activism and public education. Its mission is to end slaughter in Chicago for the benefit of animals, workers, communities and the planet. The larger Slaughter Free Cities network seeks to create and nurture chapters in various cities around the country and globe.

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