A Fundamental Scientific Study on The Effect of Synthesit Iron With Vitamin B6 Has Been Published

The year 2024 showed a great start for Synthesit Swiss SA. 

GENEVA, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On 15. January 2024 Frontiers in Nutrition, one of the most respected scientific Swiss journals, published a research article on the long term effect of iron supplementation combined with vitamin B6 on the maximum oxygen consumption and energy production. Iron is an essential micronutrient. It plays a vital part in many biological processes. The research shows that iron supplementation increases ATP synthesis in muscle mitochondria by more than 60% and brain mitochondria by more than 30%, and also increases maximum oxygen consumption by more than 10%. 

Furthermore, a case report cited in “Acta Medica Martiniana”, a European scientific journal, depicts a clinical case of a patient with pancreatic cancer. It shows how Synthesit alleviates intoxication during chemotherapy. 

Synthesit Swiss SA is engaged in recreating natural processes in the laboratory. In 2019 it created a new biogenic iron, called SYNTHESIT. This iron-based mineral portrays completely different principles of action, in comparison to regular iron preparations. Synthesit activates the body’s internal resources. Find the original research articles here: 


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