2 Latina Entrepreneurs Make ‘Herstory’ With Successful Vegan Snack and Lifestyle Company

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Young Latina entrepreneurs Nathalia Rojas and Marcela Charry have launched a successful vegan snack and lifestyle company.

Rojas, 24, and Charry, 31, are the two minority women behind 2FIT BRANDS, starting from their own kitchens and introducing their own original flavors. Within just two years, they have introduced their third product. https://www.2fitbrands.com/ 

Their mission…"continue growing into an overall lifestyle brand where we concentrate on healthy recipes, overall health, working out and empowering women," the co-founders said.

The Colombian-born duo began collaborating in 2017. They found a ready-made customer base when they launched their successful vegan snack company in 2019 with Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Peanut Butter. 

"The company picked up Life Time Fitness health clubs as a major nationwide client in late 2019, but began selling online and became an instant sensation," the co-founders said.

"Our Amazon sales in 2020 started increasing by massive margins. We started moving product and seeing sales increase by 270%. We have reached, in a short amount of time, the #1 spot for gluten-free protein bars and we are one of the top-selling vegan protein bars on Amazon," said Rojas.

Charry says, "Our competitors are spending a lot on marketing to compete with us and we’re not even a 10th of their size. That means our product is amazing and people are enjoying it."

The proof is in the taste. "These bars rock. The flavor is so good…and I love they are made in the U.S.A.," one loyal customer from their website said in product reviews.

"We want people to know that being healthy can come with delicious tastes," Rojas said. "We want to be the first choice when it comes to finding that perfect snack."

Brownie Bites is 2FIT BRANDS’ third product to enter the vegan protein snack market. "We created Brownie Bites for the whole family to enjoy. Most products available in the market have a lot of sugar, and that is something we as a brand stay away from, especially when it comes to kids," Charry said.

The co-founders plan to launch more healthy protein snacks this year to meet the demand. 

Officially launched in 2019, 2FITBRANDS is a vegan protein snack food product company based in Washington D.C. with a presence in New York and Miami. Their gluten-free, kosher, high fiber and protein, low sugar and carb snack bars are available through Amazon https://www.amazon.com/2fitbrands and 2FIT BRANDS https://www.2fitbrands.com/ 

Colombian-born co-founders Nathalia Rojas and Marcela Charry began their journey in their own U.S. kitchens in 2017. Their aim was to create snacks that are perfectly balanced nutritionally and portable. 2FIT BRANDS offers vegan protein bars Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Peanut Butter and is about to introduce Brownie Bites by February 2022. Future plans call for more snack products that meet the company’s mission to "shake up the protein bar industry with a focus on providing more options for kids as well as a healthy and empowered lifestyle for women."

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Maria Paula