Frozen food named ‘dish of the year’ in Japan

Lawson, a large convenience store chain, expanded frozen food sections in 5,000 of their retail stores, including dessert items and even sashimi, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK. “Lately, more and more Japanese woman are working outside the home,” says Yoshiko Miura, a consumer consultant

What Your Love of Spicy Food Says About Your Personality

Frank’s RedHot, purveyor of hot sauce and, apparently, a seasonal syringe with which to pump your holiday meats full of hot sauce, recently released the results of a market research survey that linked a love of spicy food to certain personality traits.

6 Awesome Gifts for Fast Food Lovers

A fast food chain may not be the first place you turn to for a holiday gift. But some do offer fun or useful items that a person on your list might appreciate. I poked around the internet to find fast food merch that seemed