Outdoors column: The fox sparrow kicks its feet for food

On a cold December day, a handsome sparrow with burnt reddish-brown tail kicked its feet in the leaves on the ground just outside the window. There’s only one sparrow regularly seen in Illinois with that remarkable coloration. A binocular view proved me right. It was

Fast Food Is Paying Paltry Prices for Poultry

As ever, the more you bundle, the more you save. A chicken combo meal at a Wingstop in my hometown of Portland, Oregon costs $7.99, a price that includes a 20-oz. drink and fries, while a similar chicken sandwich combo at a nearby Popeyes is

Inside the Fight to Pay Food Delivery Workers $23 an Hour

Currently, app-based food delivery workers earn an average of $14.18 an hour, split between tips and payments from the apps, according to a city report. But after accounting for their substantial work expenses, those earnings can drop to $11.12 per hour — or as little